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Journey over Destination

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

To be pure. Stripped away from the nonessential drivers of the world we live in. Financial gain, personal accolades, power or control over industry, and ultimately the masses. For if you are under the impression that you are better than anyone for any reason, you have already failed. For as long as you are driven by these outside forces, personal satisfaction and pure joy will elude you.

Yes, money makes most people happy. Being adorned and fawned over brings happiness to most people in the public eye. To conquer a nation or even an industry gives satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to the victor. Yet, pure joy, which is self satisfaction in its simplest form, eludes them all if they allow these superficial entities to motivate them.

How many times have we heard of people reaching the top of the mountain and feeling like it's not enough? They spent weeks climbing treacherous peaks to get to the apex after risking life and limb. Then feel the need to climb down in order to find another mountain to ascend. They are labeled crazy thrill seekers. But aren't we all searching for a thrill in life? To be moved by something so great, yet so simple and pure.

An artist finds joy in expressing themselves in their own unique way. To have recognition and self satisfaction for their production is nothing but ecstasy. When 2 people are In love with one another, it is that love that makes every output of their relationship seem that much more sweeter. It gives them peace in a bustling world. It gives them strength to endure through any storm. It allows them to climax like never before!

A mechanic loves to take things apart, remedy the problem, and put them back together to have them working again. Same with physicians and surgeons. If these people receive accolades, wealth, or control in their field, it's a result of their passion and drive to achieve that pureness of their profession.

volcano mountain climbing hiking
Mt Teide in Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain

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1 Comment

Kisha Porcher
Kisha Porcher
Sep 16, 2018

I can relate to every aspect of this beautifully written piece. Continue share your truth and light with others.

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